Keep the Party Going with Traditional Wedding Dances in Houston, TX

Types of Wedding Dances


Wedding DanceNo matter what type of wedding you are going to have it is common to have music and dancing during the reception. Most wedding reception timelines incorporate structured dances that honor special loved ones and encourage the guests to get out on the dance floor. There are different types of wedding dance in Houston, TX.

First Dance – This type of dance is not new in fact even before this is being performed as part of the tradition. It was called first dance because it is the first dance of the celebration were couples are the one to perform. Even in modern time this practice still exists. For some traditions, this dance is being performed right after the grand entrance of the couple, but in western countries like the U.S. the firs dance is being perform before serving the food as part of entertainment. Someone from will present the couple to the guests as husband and wife and the DJ will start playing the music for the dance. In some cases, the dance is also performed during the dinner hour so that the guests have something to watch and this is also ideal if the time is limited. Although such thing is acceptable but sometimes guests tend not to pay attention so other couples choose to have it before the meal. Waltz and foxtrot is the most common type of dance and is perfect for wedding photograph.

Parent Dances – Traditionally, the bride dances with her father immediately after the first dance. This dance is being performed in order to pay respect to the father of the bride. In most cases, this is the most emotional dance.  This is also common during 18th birthday (debut) or quinceaneras. However, the dance is not just limited to father-daughter. In some cases that father is not present because of certain events a grandfather, uncle, step-father or father-in-law can take place. If she wants to dance with more than one person from the family, it is best to have the next person cut in to save time. If you are renting the venue more than five hours then you can have two separate dances. On the other hand, the groom can dance with his mother at the same time but this is not advisable because it might stole the attention of the guests. The highlight should be the bride and you don’t want to make her feel embarrass. Parents and grandparents on both sides of the family should be invited to the dance floor depending on the length of the program.

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