Easy Money-Saving Tips when Hosting in Wichita, KS a Catered Wedding

Wedding Catering on a Budget

Wedding Catering1It may surprise you, but about half of your budget for the wedding will be spent on food and not in wedding photography. After all, a celebration won’t be an enjoyable celebration without food. Thus, it is just necessary to invest more on food and drinks for your wedding. Guests will most likely stay longer at the reception if they are served with delicious food and refreshing drinks. The food, drinks and snacks served are also vital in connecting with other guests.

Since the food to prepare and serve in a wedding is considered crucial, many couples opt for professional service providers of wedding catering in Wichita, KS. Indeed it costs more to hire someone else to prepare and serve the wedding menu for you. Nonetheless, hiring a catering company is more beneficial to avoid any mishaps. Aside from hiring a wedding caterer, you should try to observe the following to cut down the cost for the catering.

Don’t even think about the DIY. Well maybe in a casual and laidback wedding in your backyard, a DIY catering will work. Yet if you are hosting a formal or a grandeur wedding, DIY catering can be a source of your physical and financial stress. If a friend or two offers cooking and preparing the wedding menu, it must be thought well on how to keep everything warm and chill. Look for professional caterers and discuss about wedding catering packages. There should be one or two caterers who would be willing to work with your allotted budget for the food.

Avoid serving meals. Typically, traditional weddings have lunch or dinner reception. Of course, guests expect to be served with a complete meal. This is actually one of the reasons of a higher food bill. To get your catering expenses down to your allotted budget, you should consider having a morning wedding ceremony and a breakfast reception. Guests will be served with cake, cookies, coffee and champagne instead of a two main courses. Try to compare the available options and see which is less expensive for you.

Choose the right style of buffet. It is a common perception that a plated meal costs more than a buffet. You may be right on that, to some extent. In a plated meal, you have the control of the amount of food to prepare and serve for the guests. In a buffet, the volume of food must be doubled or must have extra because you aren’t sure if your guests would ask for more. Additionally, you need to have more food choices in a buffet compared to a plated meal. These are the reasons why a buffet is more expensive than a buffet. On the other hand, choose a homestyle buffet like pasta, salads and barbecue.

It can really help to look for a service provider of wedding catering in Wichita, KS that best works for your requirements. Don’t simply go for a caterer because they are the cheapest deal you found online. Look for 3 or more and narrow down your searches on which one can work best on your budget.

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